Young Baseball Fan’s Act of Generosity

Little boy’s kind gesture at an Arizona Diamondbacks game caught on tape.
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  1. That boy did indeed give the ball to the other boy… but things aren't exactly how they appear…

    When you think you see the boy noticing that the other boy is upset, prompting him to go and give him the ball…

    He's not actually looking at the other boy at all… there's a grey haired man down on the field by the railing where the boys had been, obviously some type of stadium employee, and it's HIM that the boy with the ball is looking at. This is also evident because ALL of the boys sitting and standing around the boy with the ball, turn and look at the man on the field, too, making it more obvious that the man on the field was indeed trying to get the boy's attention, point being, the other boys wouldn't have turned their heads if they hadn't all heard the same thing, at the same time. Plus, as the boy with the ball begins to bring the ball over to the other boy, you can see the man on the field instructing the boy to hand it over to him. PLUS, when the boy was later interviewed, he himself said "I decided to give the ball back", an interesting choice of words…


  2. Great job, but I also find it disturbing for the mom to be consoling the kid who was crying. Like ok, you didn’t get the ball, stop pouting and move on.

  3. That kid is awesome, giving up that ball was no biggie even though he was told to do so by that old guy wearing a red shirt. Unlike the other spoiled bratty child who received the ball whose throwing a hissy fit just because he didnt get what he thinks is his, Its a random ball for fucks sake. I bet the spoiled bratty kid is throwing another hissy fit when hecsaw the other kid received a baseball bat.

  4. I watched this when it first came out, decided to come back and have a look at the comments. People are saying the crying kid is spoiled and the other kid shouldn't have given him the ball because it will encourage him to keep being spoiled. Maybe, but by giving him the ball it showed kindness, he rightfully owns that ball but decided to give it up to make another person happy, I think that's a good lesson too, not that you have to give up things but that simply being kind to people can go along way.

  5. Someone else gave it to the boy in the red shirt, u can see someones hand put the ball into the boys hat. Anyone gonna care about him?? No cheers for him??

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