Who is Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman?

CNN’s Sara Ganim looks into the dark history of the head of the Sinaloa cartel.


  1. Guzman lived by my house for 3weeks when he escaped from prison in Delpiero farm outside Mexico City without any bodyguards while we waited for things to cool down..He is my favorite uncle..my fathers 1st cousin…he renovated our house to almost double its size in just 1month…and built 2 tunels under the basement…one is a dummy..every morning his men would come drop off suitcase of money or clothes and bring pilots to discuss fying him to Bahamas for a while…but he didnt end up going..everybody in mexico loves el chapo…my uncle…when i commited my 1st murder he got my case thrown out of court and silenced all the witnesses…he is such a great man..even when me n my cousins raped these 2 chicas n cut off their heads…i was in big trouble…my father phoned Guzman and he sed dont worry he will take care of it…so when the chikas fathers were pushing to get us lockd up…he had the one kidnapped and killd with his tongue cut out to send a message to the other father…then he stopd coming to court…and changed his story…there are so many great stories i can tell about my uncle Guzman…i lov him…its thru him i feel so free to kill and just like rape any girl i want…you know im free like a bird…but now he is in prison its not going to be so easy anymore…i miss u uncle

  2. Everyone saying how corrupted Mexico is, yet America bullied their way to the amount of land they have today. Dude, America took over Hawaii forcefully and kept the Philippines for decades and it's bullshit that their Manifest Destiny made Mexico lose land almost right after gaining independence like about two decades before. All these criticizing Americans should consider the fact that they are being blinded and that their dumbasses can't see their "great" country's dark past.

  3. its funny really funny, how fucking 'mericans are so hypocrite people. In one hand they name him as biggest drug dealer yet they are the biggest importers of drugs :-))

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