VetiGel: The Band-Aid of the Future Stops Bleeding Instantly

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) – A small lab in Brooklyn is working on a gel that can stop bleeding in 20 seconds. Platelets stick together when VetiGel, made from plant-based polymers, comes into contact with blood. VetiGel’s co-founder, Joe Landolina, started working on the project while he was a freshman at New York University. Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart reports for “The Year Ahead: 2015” series. (Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. Why would they open their business in Brooklyn open it in Texas or another red state that way the state is not robbing you blind for the privilege of setting up shop in their jurisdiction

  2. "The Band-aid of the Future" summarizes this product perfectly. The possibilities for this product are limitless and it can make such an impact as they said not only in a hospital but on the battlefield and even in a civilian home. The product is so revolutionary not only because of how fast it works but because it can mimic the human tissues and fix it from the inside.

  3. It just got rid of tourniquets' and clot sponges and chest seals, its a complete trauma kit in a syringe, so why is this not more common place even in the veterinary industry now 3 years later?

  4. its will be great to stop my nose bleeds but i wonder in the clot blood to stop an artery won't it be dangerous for a clot to fall out and and travel its way to the heart?

  5. Add some alcohol so that it is less viscous and dries faster, and package it as a pressurized aerosol spray? Spraying it on a kid's scraped knee seems better than squirting something out of a syringe…

  6. Well this look like HOAX 🙂 there are so many humid/water activated polimers. It's so profesional someone to stand and push the syringe with same pressure 🙂 during the experiment. Ohh its so profesional 🙂 and then when the gell was aplied from somewhere half of the tube was air filled and the blood change direction LOL !!! Not only stop the bleeding but reverse the blood flow LOL

  7. Amazing! What worries me though is the fact that maybe this can make someone more prone to clot formation (trombosis) in zones with big blood vessels. Also, what about about internal bleeding? I mean you stopped the bleeding on a superficial level, sure. But I guess the blood vessel tissue hasnt regenerated, thus, affected blood vessels would still not be able to direct the flow of blood correctly. What do you guys think?

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