Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018 ?

Top 10 Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2018, including Google Pixel 3, OnePlus 6T, RED Hydrogen One, plus surprise smartphones too! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, go to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

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  1. What idiot would buy note 9 ? 😂😂😂😂 1k euros , for a bigger battery a bit better camera and a f***ng S pen , that more than 95% users don't use it after 1-2 months having a galaxy note and still no built in display fingerprint , that cheaper chinese maker now give to users. Better pick best performance and build quality for the price smartphones . Like Xiaomi, Oppo, oneplus, huawei.

  2. Well…some already launched lmao (the 6t is always the one i like the most however if i have to pay id go for the poco f1)
    No matter what they do (probably) to me, both Sony and LG (and ofcourse, nokia) are pretty much dead.
    I dont think red would suceed either, no more than gaming ´hones like the razer one did, but…is more usefull so maybe im wrong. Lets see how big the niche end up being.
    Im not excited for phones with a slider…itsa HUGE step backwards with a lot of compromises

    But is not just in 2018…there few to none things from now and on coming from a phone that could compel me to say "omg i REALLY want that!" besides "porous display" (sensonrs UNDER screen) with no compromises in quality, reaching 100% screen.
    Think about about it, what can they improve really? a better CPU? but how better? a better camera (i would buy a dedicated one)? tehres limits on that…RAM? ROM? internet speed? AI dedicated chip? battery, OS, screen resolution…No, nothing excites me much really, as either of this fields right now would improve too little, too slowly (actually is pretty fast but to be honest you wont notice/need it).

    So again, the only things, wereable based, that really could excite me at this point (and some are pretty damn far ahead) are:
    Batteries lasting at least 3 days, "porous" displays, a REAL AI you can count on (and perhaps translate in real time without compromises nor internet), and basically changing the form factor and launching an actually usefull google-glass like phone (ar/vr) complemented with a band that among everything else, detech the moment on your hand, so you basically write wherever you like, no errors, with commands (it would be really different tho)

  3. LG is underrated, they don't need a 5 cameras phone but more advertising – I remember the LG G3 was awesome, better than anything Samsung had back then IMO

  4. You really are the Best and Up- to- date presenter on You Tube full stop. Your Criticizing is correct, whilst your views are also spot on. Good luck in your future career and Life also. Jgn. Uk.

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