Stan Beaton hears late wife’s voicemail 14 years after her death

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Stan Beaton who thought he had lost a recording of his late wife’s voice he had kept for more than 10 years has described the moment the message was recovered as “wonderful”. Mr. Beaton, from Mirfield, had kept the voicemail since his wife Ruby’s death in 2003, but technical work by Virgin Media meant it was deleted.
However, the telecoms company has now managed to recover the message. Mr Beaton, 68, said: “They’ve made this old age pensioner extremely happy.”

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  1. I remember a couple months after my grandpa died I listened to a voicemail of him that he sent to my mom. He didn’t have anything important to say or any emergency, just that he loves her and hoped she had a good day at work. I cried my eyes out hearing his soft, caring voice again. We were very very close my whole life and I loved him so much. His loss was and still is, heartbreaking for me

  2. This is too pure. We are unworthy. I remember hearing about this years ago and just remembered on a whim and wanted to see if I recalled right.

  3. Totally touching – but Christ – you can practically hear the internal dialogue of the interview guy screaming 'listen to the message!  Cry!  Give us what we want!!'  Should have let him listen in private.

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