Richard Sherman: Everything’s Covered

The Seattle corner takes on all topics, including the Seahawks’ chances to repeat, the White House & Ferguson.


  1. I can't help but like Richard Sherman.  He is an enigmatic personality to some, but I see a straight shooter with a good heart and incredibly high personal standards and goals.   He's been misunderstood and maligned, but has overcome attempts by others to define him.  Patience and persistence will carry him through whatever critics throw at him.  I am glad to see him prevail.

  2. The LA Riots destroyed thousands of businesses and years of hard work. The honest White or Korean business owners or others caught in the wrong neighborhood were the real victims beat to death or robbed by hundreds living on welfare or here illegally.

  3. Great interview. Success is the best way to defeat your naysayers. There will always be people who talk negatively. Beat them with a $40M contract, a Stanford education and a Superbowl ring…. or simply a smile.

  4. Richard Sherman is a good person he might be the best CB in the NFL but besides that he is a person like everybody else he is Human he makes mistakes. He's not showing off he is saying the truth if you talk shit you are going to get it back. People look up to him.

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