Nepal Earthquake: ‘Indescribable horror’ as village is ‘wiped out’ – BBC News

* THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOME DISTURBING IMAGES* Emergency workers in Nepal continue to face challenges after the devastating earthquake. Their priority is to reach the country’s remote, mountainous villages, feared to have been wiped off the map. South Asia Correspondent Justin Rowlatt is the first reporter to visit what is thought to be the worst-affected village, Langtang.
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  1. Its been 4 years and people here in Nepal are forgetting the amount of destruction occured…we r such idiot peoples that the government not making any preparations to such devastation and still not having any protest against them…soon there might happen such an event and the losses will br definately higher!!

  2. Humanitarian response to the 2015 Nepal earthquake
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    See also: April 2015 Nepal earthquake, April 2015 Nepal earthquake, and 2015-2016 Nepal humanitarian crisis
    Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat criticized humanitarian efforts, saying "We have received things like tuna fish and mayonnaise. What good are those things for us?"[182] There were reports of needing food, tarps, tents, and water.

  3. My wife and I just returned from Nepal. We responded to the earthquake for emergency medical relief and arrived in Nepal on May1st. We were there until May 17th and are now resting at our home in Texas. The media focuses so much on the areas that were totally massacred that you don't get to see how much of the country wasn't affected. The sad sad reality is that even though much of the country was fine, the areas that were affected were totally decimated. We spent time in the Sindhupalchowk region of Nepal and there was 95-100% of all structures destroyed or damaged. There were still bodies that were buried in the rubble after 2 weeks of being there. We saw bodies floating down the rivers. An arm sticking our of a truck buried beneath a rock slide. The stench was overwhelming sometimes… We saw blood soaked rags in one place and other we just saw bits of lumber and brick left over from once grand structures. Some places were totally cut off from aid. Food was scarce. Water supplies contaminated or just flat wiped out. We saw mountains that were once green with flourishing terraces that were nothing but sheer rock walls, as the sides of entire mountains literally split and fell off. It was truly a harrowing experience.

  4. So sad. That poor man was crying saying 'nothing is left, no ones left'. And another one hit just about an hour ago… God Bless my country and the people there!!!

  5. I am from Nepal and this video made me cry. I lost my aunt when a house collapsed on the car she was traveling in. In some way, knowing so many other people have also lost their lives, their home and their livelihood helps me deal with my personal loss. We are a resilient people. We will rebuild. Please help us by coming to trek to Nepal to see the splendor of the Himalayan range in the next tourist season. Our economy is very dependent on tourism and I fear fewer tourists coming to Nepal will make things worse.

  6. Words like "horrific" and "tragic" don't even begin to describe what happened to these people. That turned my stomach. I'm so deeply sorry for those who lost loved ones.

  7. I wonder what it will take to finally have a global organization to actually have some power to get money to poorer areas and resolve conflicts diplomatically?

    It took a world war to establish League of Nations that failed miserably. Now we have the UN, that does nothing except for creating special international holidays. None of the UN political bodies is worthy of being a part of an organization that has the Globe as its emblem… NONE.

    Each death there is a personal tragedy for all the relatives and friends. For most of them, their worlds crumbled down. On large scale, the natural catastrophe may not be so significant, but… Each single person has now enough feelings to write volumes of poem books and novel…

    Darn it… I write a lot of nonsense. But at least Ban Ki-moon didn't describe my comment as unacceptable… -.-

    (I just think I am a tad angry at the current way the world order seems going, not just Nepal, which is a drop in an ocean of the problems)

    Please note that I don't mean that the international community is useless!!! It is just the political aspect of the UN is. When some states decide to actually help, they do help. But that doesn't come very often.

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