1. Horrible and misleading story ! The woman reporting is probably an elite party member an average Cuban citizen wouldn't be able to sit at a cafe and enjoy an afternoon of socializing especially in a tourist area ! No way ! Plus no average Cuban woman has her hair so well conditioned an groomed no way ! Plus Cubans were able to worship what they pleased before the revolution as well my own family had followers of the Yoruba religion , plus that religion prior to the revolution was followed mostly by wealthy women. This story creates a false picture of the reality of Cuba and its people. Mass executions, imprisonment, exile, thief, family separation, loss and crimes against humanity, poverty, food shortages, people forced to practice sports they don't like, study subjects they don't want to study, people forced to cut sugar cane ! That place is a mess building architectural masterpieces destroyed by neglect and the cruel fist of the Castros. An island prison not an island paradise don't be fooled ! By the smiles and spirit of the Cuban people when they can they will ask for Tylenol and a handout because their government has nothing for them and only those in high government positions are enjoying the tropical breeze. actually , even some in high places for example the chief historian of the university of Havana asked me if I had some Advil because he had no access to the drug. Please do not blame the USA the world is in Cuba Spain, Italy and isreal all invest there plus a multitude of other countries for them not to have a thriving Economy! People all they do is play dominoes in the street ! CUba a place that was once know for musical innovation has contributed nothing in the last 50 plus years of the revolution. The list goes on…

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