Michael Jordan vs. CEO John Rogers

For more sports videos, go to www.wsj.com/video. Ariel Investments CEO and Chairman John Rogers takes on basketball legend Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. From August 2003. Video courtesy of John Rogers. Edited by Lauren Goode.

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  1. If Jordan wanted to LOCK HIM DOWN.. he'd apply pressure on defense by coming onto his hip at the 3point line and fadeaway and crash the board offensively all game! Jordan the GOAT

  2. Jordan Sexuals Are Delusional, Jordan Clearly Lost To A Nerd Jordan Was Definitely Trying And Talking Trash But Still Lost, Lebron Is Better Than Jordan, Jordan Is So Trash And Jordan Sexuals Think He Is The Goat! JORDAN NOT MY GOAT!

  3. U call that a serious offense and defense for MJ? Sure Rogers would score but not if MJ was dead serious on defense with the pressure and taking his man in the post if he wanna win. It's an exhibition 1 on 1 game. They're just having fun.

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