1. Bullshit. It's you sick bastards not telling people they can grow their own food and stealing their right to grow their own food and stealing all the heirloom seeds and storing them in Antarctica and replacing them with Monsanto seeds forcing everyone to pay every year… Sick bastards.

  2. My country has a lot of agricultural lands, but there is not enough technology in it yet, farmers can sometimes go out of business or sometimes lose value on products that cost a lot of capital. This made them decide to sell their farmland. These are very worrying that in the future the country will face a shortage of agricultural land.

  3. In the 1700s they said we would never be able to feed 1 billion people. In the 50’s they said we would never be able to feed 4 billion. Here we are today, almost 8 billion and famine has disappeared outside of war zones. Humans are smart, and humanity will innovate itself out of problems, just how we always have. We are doing to today with climate change, we will do it tomorrow with food.

  4. Richer countries see declines in population. That is truly why we shouldn't focus on anything but investing in 3rd world countries. It is the most efficient way of doing quick change. Hell, if you want sustainability then invest in sustainable production in those 3rd world countries. Vertical farming is a nice idea, but it isnt cost efficient. It is surely an endgame solution but for now we should focus on bang for buck. It does feel a bit like most policies today are for show.

  5. Solutions are lazy. All you are doing is prolonging the inevitable. The extra food will just help sustain a larger population. That larger population will eventually reach the ceiling of agriculture and face starvation. Stop relying on innovation to enable your unsustainable lifestyle, and reduce.

  6. That we lack resources for food is the biggest myth. I support growing food vertically and in ways that are space-efficient. This said, We DON'T lack for food or even the ability to produce food in a more space-efficient way; we waste more food than there are people actually hungry. If we adopt a zero waste to landfill policy and as consumers we find ways to eat misshapen tomatoes that aren't perfect cookie cutter veggies we could actually tackle how to feed billions of people. (Reduce Food Waste, Grow in Efficient Spaces, Smarter Usage of Water)

  7. Inspirational. Of the 10 billion, some will also be innovators, creators, farmers who'll make Agri more sustainable & better yield. Post 2055, world population will plunge, never to be back to peak.

  8. I have started jack fruit trees on my property.
    The biggest fruit on earth.
    Doesn't require pesticides.
    Produces 2 crops per year.
    1000 lbs per tree.
    Drought resistant.
    I have seen it go 6 months without a drop of water.

  9. Lotta people think population control is a solution. We have 30 years for our population to produce the next 2 billion people. Yes, additional supply is an issue, no doubt. But, those 2 billion people are our future innovators, laborers, scientists, consumers, and entrepeneurs making this technology ever more possible. People are the solution, not necessarily the problem.

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