1. Best cigars now come from Nicaragua for half the price.Rich full bodied handmade but Cubans most of them have no quality control,poorly made and no draw ,very disappointing for very hefty price.Broke my word again and tried a Cuban H. Upmann ,could not smoke it,no draw poor construction at $28. give me Nicaragua or Dominican H. Upmann anytime.

  2. The first thing about this video I noticed was they were smoking where the other cigars were located and that in my book is a no no. You will change the flavor of the other cigars by exposing them to the smoke of the cigar your smoking and that is not appropriate . Just what I have learned from researching cigars.

  3. These knobs exhibit all the pompous snobbery that makes this kind of smoker a running joke. Workers in the fields and factories of Cuba and Dominican Republic have forgotten more than these trend followers and pretentious twats will ever know. These guys dont have 'favourite' cigars, they come out with all the usual comments regarding nuances and choose always the trendy cigars. Give any of them a blind taste test and see what they know. Pretentious tossers.

  4. Not to keen on Cubans…overpriced..overrated..inconsistent and the construction isn't always what it should be..! Those communists can't get the staff..! Nicaraguan cigars are the future even some of the cheap sticks hold up against some of the best Cubans, Honduran and Dominican cigars I also prefer

  5. im gonna get the pill off the film limitless. Take it make loads of money on the stock market, learn Advanced maths and philopsohy spend ten grand on cigars and find a nice place i can converse with people of like minds while i appreciate a fine cigar

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