How ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Noah Galloway Overcomes Challenges

This war veteran and double amputee inspires others with his determination on the dance floor.


  1. He is my inspiration. Especially because I have depression and I am becoming dedicated to track. I love his attitude so much. Thank you, Noah. ❤️

  2. Emilie F – Of course, there are people out there who will vote for him because they are inspired, and or course he shouldn't win because of that.  He and Sharna haven't been given a quickstep or jive yet, and I can't imagine that he would be able to handle those.  He has done extremely well to go as far as he has so far.

  3. Wow he is truely amazing! Such an inpiration and a wonderful person! I just don't hope people vote for him out of pity or becuase of his backstory. It is a dance competition and obviously he can't win when there are some moves he can't do, but I sure hope he goes far! I applaud him for doing this, it is amazing!

  4. I watched dancing with the stars tonight I usually don't.
    But this man is my hero as I'm sure he is to his family and fiancé.
    Coming for a military family it makes me proud to see this inspiring man who overcame great obstacles in his personal life to become who he is.

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