‘El Chapo’ breaks out of prison through tunnel

CNN’s Juan Carlos Lopez explains how Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from a prison in Mexico.


  1. So FYI, everyone what you think I have to know shouldn't something be said in regards to the money, I thought I wish I have to ask your decision by all strategies Do you have to know is the thing that kind of thing?

  2. This time they're not gonna catch him ever. He now has experience in hiding he learned from his mistakes. He's gone for good people just forget about seeing him ever again.

  3. I hope those people that have been paid off by the cartels realize that in time they to will end up in a steel drum cut into pieces. This is the way of the cartels, once your in their pocket they own you and when your no longer any use, they dispose of you.

     I like many open minded people think the war on drugs has been lost a long time ago. Our government's one day will need to decriminalize all drugs so that people cannot profit from addiction.

  4. Fuck what any Bitch ass mfckrs Think, Fuck your thoughts They are entirely blocked out, Period and thats it Okay. CHAPO GUZMAN is A Fckn boss! The devil has escaped… That's why the Pope visited Mexico instead of any other place in the Western hemisphere. and Chapo had protection over him while their in Guanajuato.

  5. Are you kidding me they built him a mile long tunnel with electricity and ventilation. Really Mexico? If this isn't the biggest crock of sh!t i have seen. Y'all set him free, so he can do more harm to America. The Mexican government should be sanctioned and whipped for this.

  6. Keep Spendin money on well dressed ,over paid gov't crackheads,just to talk about closing mex border ,while tunnels are being made,good job,trump aint shit so what if he's got money ,he's taking it all to his hole in the ground, this guy make Freddy crugger look like the dumb hillbilly on the Simpsons ,but this ain't the movies.mannn u people are dumb hillbilly5 :x:

  7. If you where one of the prison guards and he told you if you don't say a word, I'll give you 20x more money than you will ever see in your life, would you do it? Or get killed by snitching on him, either way you have two options. Which one would you pick?
    Knowing you have kids at home who depend on your income to provide a roof over their heads. Living in a place where poverty is dominant. What would you do

  8. Legalize marijuana !! The reason the cartel is going to the USA is to supply the biggest consumer which is the USA .If people can buy weed legally in the USA then the cartel won't have anymore costumers !!!

  9. We all know the Mexican police, government and even their President is corrupt. All of them helped this scumbag to escape. And this isn't the first time, he needs to be shot on sight no questions asked.

  10. I feel like the mexican government released him just because of what donald trump said i'm just hoping el chapo does get to donald and after el chapo finish his job he comes back to jail lol my theory donald trumps deserves it lmao

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