BMW Crash-Proof Car Senses Surroundings

April 6 — At BMW’s Research and Innovation Center in Munich, an experimental high-tech safety system is under development. It’s called 360-degree collision avoidance and it can prevent a car from crashing into any stationary object. The precise laser sensors and sophisticated algorithms involved could be a step towards a totally self-driving car – and a future without traffic accidents. Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart visited BMW to take the prototype for a test drive. (Video by: Alan Jeffries, Justin Beach)

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  1. volvo has been doing this on their trucks for a while now. PLus its a terrible idea, what if you are trying to speed up to cut someone off to avoid a crash because ther is no way in hell any car could stop on time? this only works for fender benders, but is more dangerous at higher speeds. 

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